6 Steps To Getting Your Business Featured In The Press For Free [Part 2: PR Tips For Entrepreneurs]

Adrienne Greenwood
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Have you ever wondered how to get featured as an expert in the press, or become a contributor on blogs and in leading business publications like Forbes?

Here is a step by step on how to get your business featured in the press by becoming a published author of thought leadership articles in high domain publications and blogs and start building authority, boosting SEO and driving traffic to your business.

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How to Get Published

With the cost of paid media, and Google and Facebook taking up most of the digital marketing pie, the earned media’s barriers to entry have remained the same. If your story is interesting, it gets printed.

1.Make a list of sites that accept guest posting. Here’s an article from Forbes How To Find Guest Blogging Websites , also, look for 50+ domain authority sites and check to see that the blog is hosted from the main site or a subdomain, as the main sites will rank higher and get more traffic than a subdomain.

2. Start With Smaller Publications Don’t be afraid to start small. One way to increase brand story is by telling your story. Look for blogs or online publications that feature contributors and sign up.

Most business owners expect to get press from more established publications such as Forbes, INC.com and Entrepreneur Magazine

Earned media is just that — media coverage which is earned when journalists, content managers or publication editors decide that you are notable and your story is thought-provoking or newsworthy.

So instead, focus on blogs and trade publications for your sector, because they are less competitive than the national press. Some business publications that are very approachable are Small Biz Club, Young Upstarts and Small Business Trends

3. Find Your Unique Point of View. First, write out 3–5 topics that you want to be known for your business. What is the problem you solve in the world and who actually cares. From there you can craft the article — Pain, Agitate, Solution — is a simple and effective way to approach any article or idea. “How To…” or. “7 Steps To…” keep it informative and easily digestible.

4. Write Content Once you’ve chosen a publication, it’s time to start writing. Make sure your article is well-written and informative, as this will help increase the chances of it being accepted. People who are searching on Google are generally searching to resolve a problem or find a product- what solution do you or your brand provide? You can also use any number of AI generator tools for speed, ease and grace. I recommend Jasper.ai or Copy.ai for easy to use content creation and ai generated copywriting.

5. Pitch your work. Adam Enfroy has some amazing insights into how to pitch high domain authority sites and embed backlinks into your articles to boost traffic and opportunity. his blog out here: How to Pitch Guest Posts to High Domain Authority Sit In Short, once you have selected the blogs or publications most relevant to your niche, start by looking up the editors and content managers for each site and begin your outreach. The article above provides some great tools and templates for your pitch.

6.Promote it. Once your article is published, be sure to promote it through social media (such as LinkedIn) and other channels. This will help ensure that as many people as possible see it and can benefit from your advice.

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Don’t expect immediate sales from articles– But Do expect immediate SEO results. It’s best to use the articles to build awareness and reputation of your brand and encourage readers to follow you online as well as generate evergreen traffic though use of backlinks or to build your list (opt in pages and start conversations and gain follows (via Social Media).

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